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BXcellent Advisory Services

Providing a fresh approach to change, innovation, and growth.  Advisory services that can enable your team to think, act, and execute in new ways.

Need your team to pivot? Dealing with a Merger or Acquisition? Transforming to a digital process, or new IT system? Whatever changes you’re hoping to adopt or goals you’re trying to achieve, your team can use sound advice to build confidence as they tackle the challenges they face.   With change leadership guidance, they can face the uncertainty to move forward, innovate, accelerate growth, and execute on change.


Delighted Clients

How Advisory Services can help . . .

to inspire, guide, and coach your leadership to find a new path in how they move forward.

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Chris Bak, Director of Information Technology, RF-Smart

I am the Director of IT for a growing company. With this growth, I had some concerns around staffing an IT team to keep pace with the growth of the organization. I also needed some direction on leading a growing team with more responsibility in the organization than it ever had. More than ever, I needed to focus on the strategic and less on the day-to-day. Karen Green, with her years of CIO experience was able to coach me with these challenges. Within months, I was able to see growth and a clear direction of how I could be most effective to my team and organization.



Impact Maker


Change Impact

Business Meeting


Digital Transformation Coaching

A Digital Advisor, who understands what it takes to act decisively, invest and innovate to build your program capabilities at scale, rewire service delivery models, and deliver distinctive high-quality services to your customers.

Change Leadership Coaching

Providing guidance that focuses on your team's strengths and how they can execute on the change that occurs with a large-scale change project such as a merger and acquisition, a new IT system, or organizational growth change. Areas for development and risk are also identified to help your team stay on track with the change transformation they are facing.

Executive IT Leadership Coaching

Providing executive strategy to organizations to develop their next senior leaders, foster digital innovation, ensure change execution, and address growth.


About Karen Green

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Karen Green helps organizations capitalize on their strengths and enables them to think, act, and execute in new ways.  A Digital Transformation advisor, who understands what it takes to act decisively, invest and innovate to build program capabilities at scale, work hard to rewire service delivery models, and deliver distinctive high-quality services to customers.  Karen Green brings a perspective that challenges the status quo and maps out a path with inspirational exercises of innovative and transformational thinking.  

An expert in change leadership, Karen Green has been guiding individuals and teams down a path of actionable impact from the moment she starts the conversation to understand her client's short-term needs and long-term vision.

Highlights include:

Chief Information Officer – As an executive leader, she led the internal and external I.T. alignment between the organization’s business structure, operations, and strategic vision.   

Leadership Advisor - Providing healthcare thought-leadership to expand the Jacksonville Chamber’s Open Innovation Program for NE Florida business seeding for entrepreneurs.

Change Advisor - Providing perspective and expertise on refining business model message, service offering, branding, and promotional strategy to key stakeholders for new program development.

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Karen Green
11381 Mandarin Ridge Ln
Jacksonville, FL  32258

(904) 614-0587

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